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Wayfinding Signs Project

Updated: Jan 27, 2023

The Rochester Downtown Partnership (RDP) has been a vital part of making our historic downtown welcoming for business, residents and tourists alike. You can see this through investments in façade and awning projects, as well as the bike racks, benches, and the many art and mural projects in downtown. Activities like the Nickel Plate Music & Arts Festival (later this month), Boo Fest and Holiday Stroll are all orchestrated by volunteers of the RDP too. The Times Theater board’s renovation project will soon make this downtown landmark the home of the Round Barn Opry and other entertainment options. Once restored, it will help draw people from a 100 mile radius into our community. This translates to increased business to our downtown restaurants, bars and shops. Now more than ever we need to help people find Historic Downtown Rochester.

The Rochester Downtown Partnership’s newest endeavor is helping visitors to Fulton County find their way to the downtown area. To do this the design committee created seven highway signs pointing people toward our historic downtown. Signs at key locations on the outskirts of Rochester act as a reminder that Rochester is more than just box stores and chain restaurants. Special thanks to Craig’s Welding, Kewanna Screen Printing, the Fulton County Highway Department and City of Rochester who worked along with us to make this possible.


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