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RDP is a 501(c)(3) organization, making all contributions potentially tax-deductible. We operate with an all-volunteer board, ensuring that 100% of donations go directly towards specific downtown projects. When you donate to RDP, you have the freedom to designate your funds to support the activities that interest you the most. Our organizational structure allows us to leverage your dollars by attracting additional funding from State and Federal sources, maximizing the impact of your contribution. A vibrant downtown is crucial for economic development, and we all share a common goal of having a downtown area that reflects the pride of our community.


To make this vision a reality, we need your support both now and on an annual basis. Will you partner with us in creating a great downtown that represents our community's pride?

Our Committees

Our Committees

Economic Vitality

PURPOSE: The Economic Vitality Committee is responsible for defining new market opportunities for the identified RDP district, finding new uses for historic commercial businesses, and developing programs and projects to retain existing businesses. Ultimately, the Economic Vitality Committee stimulates investment in the downtown.


GOAL: To stimulate new market opportunities in the downtown to increase profitability by bringing in new and existing businesses.


PURPOSE: The Design Committee shall influence the enhancement of physical appearance/image of downtown to shoppers, investors, business owners, residents, and visitors. The Design Committee is the visual component of the RDP and vital to the success of the program.


GOAL: To enhance the physical appearance of the downtown to promote businesses and attract visitors.


PURPOSE: The Promotions Committee shall work toward marketing an appealing image of downtown Rochester to shoppers, retailers, investors, and visitors. This Committee shall also work on events and promotions in the downtown area to bring in additional visitors to the community.


GOAL: To promote the downtown as the Center of Commerce, Culture, and Community.


PURPOSE: The Organizational Committee is vital in keeping the Committees and overall program sustainable. This Committee is responsible for managing finances and overseeing the logistics of a healthy non-profit organization.


Goal:To create and sustain momentum throughachievable and visible programs and projects.

GOAL: To promote the downtown as the Center of Commerce, Culture, and Community.

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