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Rochester Downtown Partnership

Taking Pride and Making
Strides in Our Downtown

Rochester Downtown Partnership will be the organization that develops, supports, and sustains downtown Rochester as a hub of vitality by providing a conduit for thoughts, goals and actions that supports and enhances lifestyle and economic opportunities for its residents and visitors while maintaining its architectural heritage.

6, 253 (2021)



October 11, 1909



About Our

The Rochester Downtown Partnership (RDP) is an alliance of community members who are committed to initiatives that maintain and stimulate the atmosphere of a town that the businesses and citizens recognize as a thriving community.

The goal is to stimulate new market opportunities and to increase profitability by bringing in new and existing businesses and helping to fill downtown buildings by matching aspiring entrepreneurs to spaces best suited to their needs. Established stores and services are also addressed, with focus on retention and expansion via site visits and meetings with downtown business owners and the RDP.

The RDP is also responsible for conceiving, planning, and presenting community events that attract crowds and attention to the downtown area. Recent annual events like Halloween’s Boo Fest and the Christmastime Holiday Stroll have been tremendously popular, and the RDP continues to explore ways to add different events to appeal to the local population and beyond.

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